S/S 23 - Iris

The new collection CHALKIA HAUTE COUTURE S/S 2023, seeks to bring to the fore a pleasant note through the magic of colors. Like a rainbow coming out after the rain, the collection consists of a multitude of color options for every taste.

In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris carried through the sky the "holy water" from the springs of Styx (with whose waters Achilles became immortal) in a golden aqueduct, to the gods. The path she followed in Heaven was "carved" by the colors of the iris, i.e. the rainbow. Homer was the first to use the word "iris" to name the phenomenon of the appearance of the rainbow in the sky.

The new collection CHALKIA HAUTE COUTURE S/S 2023 consists of gowns for every body type and age. Dresses for the maid of honor, the godmother, the sister of the bride, the mother of the bride/groom, but also for every guest who seeks for a unique outfit. A variety of fabrics and textures have been used. Muslin for the "ethereal" creations with pleated details in some gowns, taffeta for the "dynamic" lines, silk satin for the more sophisticated looks.

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Having a planned event or not; there's not a better time than now to refresh your wardrobe with dresses and gowns for all occasions.

Our designs are not limited to the existing collections. In our atelier you will be able to mix and match pieces from different garments, browse unpublished designs or request a new design especially for you.