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CHALKIA Atelier Haute Couture came to life to create statement garments for women’s special occasions. Serving the notion of haute couture, the garments created are ‘sur mesure’, according to the preferences and needs of each customer.

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swan wedding dress


The bride gets to the center of attention, like a movie star when coming on stage. The lights switch off, until the leading actress takes her place on stage. Mystery, allure but, also, a fresh, tender shade is sought to come out at the seeing of the bride.

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iris rose red

Haute Couture

Dresses for the maid of honor, the godmother, the sister of the bride, the mother of the bride/groom, but also for every guest who seeks for a unique outfit. A variety of fabrics and textures have been used.

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The world of Atelier Chalkia

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Having a planned event or not, there's not a better time than now to refresh your wardrobe with dresses and gowns for all occasions.

Our designs are not limited to the existing collections. In our atelier you will be able to mix and match pieces from different garments, browse unpublished designs or request a new design especially for you.