CHALKIA Atelier Haute Couture came to life to create statement garments for women’s special occasions. Serving the notion of haute couture, the garments created are ‘sur mesure’, according to the preferences and needs of each customer.

CHALKIA Atelier Haute Couture envisions to offer a choice to the contemporary woman for clothes that have a story to tell. The designer Foteini Chalkia finds inspiration in silhouettes, fabrics, sounds, art, as well as the history of fashion and photography, to create garments that connect the modern with the past. She pays significant care to the fabrics used, so that they are of high quality, with respect to the notion of sustainable fashion.

At atelier CHALKIA you will find the Bridal collection and the Haute couture collection. The clothes are made from a variety of textiles: taffeta, silk crepe and more ethereal textiles, like chiffon and tulle, to name but a few.

The Designer

Foteini Chalkia is the designer and owner of the brand CHALKIA. At an early age she expressed her passion for fashion when as a child was playing with the cloth rags of her grandmother that was a dressmaker. However, it was after finishing her primary studies at the University of Aegean, that she decided to devote herself to fashion. She attended the Bachelor in Fashion and Master program of AKTO. Her professional career started when she was employed as assistant designer at a famous haute couture fashion house. After working for a couple of years at the haute couture position, she decided to create her own brand.

Foteini Chalkia has managed to gain the attention of fashion magazines from the very beginning. Her first cover page was for the magazine “Photographer”. The next publication, was at the British Vogue, the most notorious fashion magazine worldwide. A reference for the brand CHALKIA has been published, among a special editorial for new designers.