S/S 23 - Enchantment

The NEW BRIDAL COLLECTION is an hymn to the magic of the female beauty. “She is so beautiful that it hurts my heart at her seeing”, a film producer had said for Greta Garbo at her first job at the age of 15 for a department store. This phrase is intended to be said at the sight of our bride by the guests on that special day.

The bride gets to the center of attention, like a movie star when coming on stage. The lights switch off, until the leading actress takes her place on stage. Mystery, allure but, also, a fresh, tender shade is sought to come out at the seeing of the bride. The unique design, the attention to the details, the “Shine” are the characteristics of the collection. These are captured through simple, but distinct lines, embroidered laces, glitter, silky white fabrics.

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The world of Atelier Chalkia

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This is a day to remember; your day. Make the best of it with a bridal dress by CHALKIA.

Our designs are not limited to the existing collections. In our atelier you will be able to mix and match pieces from different garments, browse unpublished designs or request a new design especially for you.