S/S 23 - Enchantment

An ethereal wedding dress, made of silk, soft tulle. A tulle in a different hue, that of powder, has been placed at the inner layer of the dress for a “fresher” and “girly” touch. The bodice and the skirt are embellished with lace, which has been appliqued that way to create a delicate finish. The lace’s design, with 3d leaves, embroidered with pearls and sequins, completes the overall effect, giving shine and a dynamic twist. The upper part of the gown has a corset fit, with tulle sleeves for support. The skirt has layers of tulle at the exterior layer, offering grace at every move.

A wedding gown that will definitely “enchant” at its view. Suitable for the girl, the woman, for all the aspects that a contemporary woman hides inside her.

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