Foteini Chalkia


The collection depicts the visualization of anxiety and anxiety disorders based on Hippocrates' theory.

The collection of clothes designed consists of 4 clothes, representing the progressive expression of the disease of anxiety: From the very first symptoms, to its peak point and its decline.

The first cloth visualizes the starting point of the disease of anxiety. The second cloth visualizes the panic attack. The third cloth expresses the condition of the individual, right after the crisis, right after the panic attack. Last but not least, the fourth cloth represents the starting point of the healing process. It visualizes all the areas of the body that have been affected by anxiety, recording the route of the disease into the body. It represents the image of the human that has just “came through” the disease, but carries, clearly, the marks that this disease has left behind.

Volumes ressemble either the form of a blister, or the form of human brain. Destruction of the fabric and fray finishings imply the infections caused to the surrounding (from the abscesses) areas. What is more, the clothes have slits on some areas, inside of which fringes appear. The fringes imply the trembling caused to the body because of the anemia. For example, in the second cloth, anemia causes tremble on the lower parts of the body and inflammations (implied by the volume mentioned above) to the upper parts.

Lookbook credits

Styling & Clothes: Foteini Chalkia
Photography: Stefanos Samios
Model: Yanna Perneakova